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MAIN Event checklist

6-8 months prior to MAIN Event (Feb-April)

  • Choose topic and invite speaker/s
  • Determine honoraria (? for keynote speaker,  $50 per session for presenters?) and event expenses and put into budget for next fiscal year
  • Identify venue and reserve space

6-7 months prior to MAIN Event (April-May)

  • After spring break send out survey to membership to identify PD needs / interests and ask for suggestions for presenters with names

2-3 months prior to MAIN Event (August)

  • Identify committee of at least 3 (minimum number of people to organize event) to work on logistics
  • Set date/location for a winter follow-up to the October event, if desired
  • Determine catering choices, breakout session languages, and any other choices that registrants will need to make on the registration form
  • Initiate membership renewal/new membership campaign  
  • Create promotional materials for event (email campaign, flyer to print out)

One month prior to event (mid-Sept)

  • Registration opens up online
  • Renew evaluation form and modify as necessary
  • Renew CEUs and modify for date and location
  • Assign duties for day of event (registration table, introductions, food logistics)
  • Call in lunch numbers and choices (for all-day event)

One week prior to event (2nd week in October)

  • Print out agenda & evaluations
  • Print out CEUs to distribute at the end of the day
  • Confirm AV needs
    • data projector(s)
    • screen(s)
    • external speakers
    • extra dongles to connect Macs/PCs to projector
    • microphone for speaker & extra (wireless?) mics for crowd questions

  • Make sure the following is on hand:
    • MAIN banner
    • name tags
    • Post-it notes
    • markers
    • sticky poster paper
    • table tents (for lunch discussions)
    • water
    • candy/bowls
    • other?

Day of MAIN Event (Thursday of Education Minnesota)

  • Set-up registration table
  • Print out roster of attendees
  • Check A-V equipment
  • Set-up lunch space (all-day event)
  • Announce date, location, and plans for winter follow-up (Will teachers have an assignment/project to report back on?)

Week following MAIN Event (or at next board meeting)

  • Cut checks for honoraria
  • Thank you to keynote speaker
  • Review evaluation forms and report to board
  • Make recommendations for following year
  • Brainstorm topics and presenters for following year

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