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Article V - Committees

Section 1- Committee formation:  The Board may create ad hoc committees as needed.  The Board shall appoint chairs of ad hoc committees.  These committee chairs may recruit volunteers to assist in the work of each committee.  The corporation shall have the following standing committees:  Teaching and Learning; Personnel, Program Design, and Development; Language Immersion Advocacy; and Communication, Culture, and Community.

Section 2 – Committee membership:  Each committee will include a chairperson and a representative to the Board (who may or may not be the committee chair).

Section 3 -- Committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Teaching and Learning Committee:  The Teaching and Learning Committee is responsible for professional development, curriculum and instruction initiatives (e.g. teacher exchange of teaching practices, developing writing skills in immersion, instructional technology and language acquisition) and assessment initiatives.
Personnel, Program Design and Development Committee: The Personnel, Program Design and Development Committee is responsible for initiatives regarding teacher and paraprofessional recruitment and staffing; other personnel topics (including licensure, visas, and developing and facilitating a program for interns); enrollment practices; and other program-level design issues.
Language Immersion Advocacy Committee: The Language Immersion Advocacy Committee is responsible for participation in advocacy initiatives for foreign and second language education in Minnesota; support for new language immersion programs; communication with the Minnesota state legislature, the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Board of Teaching; and collaborating with teacher preparation and development programs; and providing outreach to districts considering new immersion schools.
Communication, Culture and Community Committee: The Communication, Culture and Community Committee is responsible for maintaining the MAIN website; updating and maintaining a database of Minnesota immersion programs; facilitating external communication (e.g., links to MCTLC, Minnesota New Visions, Minnesota Language Update, etc.); establishing international networks between Minnesota schools and schools in other countries; organizing the All-School Student Event/Immersion Celebration; and collecting and distributing new ideas and cultural opportunities.
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