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MAIN Board Member Job Description

Function of a Board member:

To provide governance to the Minnesota Advocates for Immersion Network, represent it to the immersion education community and the community at large, and accept the legal authority for the organization.

  1. Serve a 2-year term on the Board with option for renewal.
  2. Be a member of MAIN either at the individual level or at a school level (membership dues are due at the start of the July 1 fiscal year).
  3. Attend at least 75% of the regular Board meetings and be prepared for meetings by reading minutes, financial statements and other materials. (Advise the Chair if you are unable to attend.)
  4. Respond in a timely fashion to direct requests for input from the chair or webmaster.
  5. Serve on at least one committee and/or task force.
  6. Attend and assist with facilitation of the MAIN Event and other scheduled activities. 

Organizational responsibilities

  1. Be familiar with and participate in discussions about the following 
    • MAIN’s vision, mission, services, and policies; alignment of programmatic activities with organizational mission.
    • MAIN’s fiduciary responsibilities as a non-profit including reviewing annual financial statements and budgets and approving major expenditures. 
  2. Periodically review MAIN’s long-range goals and strategies and use benchmarks to compare them against similar organizations.
  3. Participate in the election of new officers, appointment of staff (when financially possible) and other matters in order to fulfill the requirements of MAIN’s by-laws.
  4. Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.

Operations responsibilities

  1. Recruit Board members, as needed, and plan for leadership succession.
  2. Recruit volunteers for MAIN Event and/or committee members to work on projects/activities that the Board authorizes.
  3. Be a champion/spokesperson for immersion education in Minnesota and inform others about the activities and role of MAIN. 
  4. Be aware of community activities and political developments that may impact the field of immersion education and bring them to the attention of the Board.
  5. Provide constructive criticism, advice, and comments.

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