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Benefits of membership in MAIN

  • A school or program membership includes all employees and interested parents.

  • Attendance at the annual fall MAIN Event, a day-long professional development offering, is free of charge for any employee who would like to participate. Follow-up events, usually held in later winter or early spring, are also free.
  • Member schools may post job openings on the Jobs in Immersion Education page.
  • Schools may post open house and kindergarten orientation information, use the online forum to ask questions or share ideas with other programs, and be eligible for access to members-only areas of the MAIN website. 

Membership criteria

Membership in the Minnesota Advocates for Immersion Network is open to schools, programs,or Individuals whose work in immersion education and language immersion programs fits the following criteria:
  • Use a language other than English to teach subject matter content;

  • Integrate language teaching with content teaching;

  • Offer instruction through the immersion language for at least 50% of the school day during the pre-school and elementary years; offer a minimum of two content areas taught through the immersion language in secondary continuation programs;

  • Promote additive bi- or multilingualism, i.e., enriched instruction in the immersion language sustained through the elementary years, including maintenance English;

  • Are held accountable for evaluating academic achievement in the content areas;

  • Employ teachers who are highly proficient in the language(s) of instruction and clearly separate teacher use of one language versus another for sustained periods of time;

  • Program models include:

    • One-Way Second/Foreign Language Immersion

    • Co-Official/Regional Language Immersion

    • Two-Way Bilingual Immersion

    • One-Way Developmental Bilingual Education

    • Indigenous Language Immersion

To become a new member (school, program, individual) to MAIN click here

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