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Materials and Curriculum in Secondary Immersion




Interns *

Readability of text?

Authentic materials

Amity aides *


Authentic literature/state standards


Technology *


Linguistic and developmental (maturity) level


Focus Instruction *


Leveled assessments


Materials in Spanish *


Proficiency standards for immersion – language and content





Northern Lights (6th Grade social studies) exists in Spanish and French, need History Center to release rights 

(April 2015 - Northern Lights has been translated into Spanish & French and is available from the St. Paul Public School district)


ENIL – Spanish independent reading level tools (American Reading Co.)

- Leveled texts for content areas


-Synchronizing materials when many people create their own





* Students don’t have vocabulary to access text @ their maturity level – matching grade level text with immersion level




*culturally appropriate materials may not be appropriate for US use


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