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Secondary Staffing




Hires from Spain thru Spanish Consulate

Admin understanding immersion philosophy + staffing requirements; i.e., what makes a good teacher?

HR must be on-board (including not losing new teachers w/licensure)

HR folks went to Puerto Rico

Finding teachers with language PLUS licensure

Using networking teachers have done

Chinese hire thru Confucius Institute


Fluent (Proficient!) in English and target languages

Growing from within; supporting AE’s to further degrees

Hanban support


Amity Institute for teacher exchange – 3 yr visas

St. Mary’s University and Winona State Support


Teacher licensure program, MTLE


Reputation, locally and nationally


Cultural understanding


Current staff network




Amity Interns


Location in MN or outstate MN


Relations between Chinese immersion and English teachers



Understanding American students & teaching methods


Fluency of American WL teachers



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