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Resources for Teacher Licensure in Minnesota

License Status Changes for Renewal Applications

Minnesota Department of Education

Tiered Licensure in Minnesota

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Resources and Forms

Current requirements and Forms

Tiered Licensure Testing Requirements

  • Tier 1: Content test required for first renewal
  • Tier 2: Option of using a passing score on the pedagogy and content exams as way of demonstrating one of two coursework requirements
  • Tier 3: Requirement of passing pedagogy and content exams
  • Tier 4: Requirement of passing pedagogy and content exams in addition to basic skills (nonnative English speakers who apply for a teaching license to provide instruction in their native language or world language instruction are exempt from the basic skills requirement)

If you are a non-native speaker of English, you may request an extended time period for taking the MTLE by submitting the Alternative Testing Arrangement Request Form (link below).

Local libraries that have study materials

Use the search term MTLE to see what the library has to offer

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