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Instructional Coach--Risen Christ Catholic School (immersion school)

  • August 31, 2016 3:29 PM
    Message # 4220965

    Michael Rogers, President

    Risen Christ Catholic School

    1120 East 37th St | Minneapolis, MN 55407


    Instructional Coach

    Consultant Position, 2016-18

    Reporting to School Principal

    NOTE: This is an independent contractor position with a competitive hourly rate. Benefits are not included. This is roughly a half time position with flexible hours.


    Instructional coaching is a key component of a two-year grant to help Risen Christ evaluate and improve its dual language program. (The other components are program evaluation, professional development, and teacher recruitment.)

    Job Description

    The coach will provide support for implementation fidelity of dual language programming, using the seven strands from “Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education” (available at as a guide.

    The coach will spend the majority of time working in classrooms with teachers (e.g. modeling, observing, co-teaching, planning, etc.). The coach will play a strong role in analyzing and using student achievement data to impact instructional decision making. The focus of the coach’s work is to help teachers learn the techniques and strategies of dual language instruction, utilize data for instructional planning that will have a positive impact on student achievement, serve as an on-site expert available to teachers, and assist in the creation of a strategic plan for the program.

    The coach may facilitate teacher study groups in which they analyze student work and lesson plans and plan for the enhancement of instructional strategies. The coach’s analysis of student work and teaching and learning data will inform what occurs during coaching sessions with individual teachers and in the teacher study groups. The instructional coach’s role is nonsupervisory. The coach’s role is separate and apart from the evaluative role of the principal or supervisor of the teacher.

    The impact of the coach will be measured through pre/post surveys with teachers to measure the effectiveness of the coaching and its effect on student outcomes. Student scores on the year-end CPAA assessment will be reviewed and improvement in both English and Spanish in grades K-2 (during 2016-17) and K-3 (during 2017-18) is expected.


    • ·      Participating in all required coach professional development.
    • ·      Coach is charged with acquiring the knowledge, skills, technology skills, and instructional strategies necessary to effectively impact the instructional practices of the teachers that are coached.
    • ·      Coach must remain knowledgeable about current and past research in the specific content area and other pedagogies relevant to the coaching role.
    • ·      Coach must develop deep content and pedagogical knowledge in the evidence-based intervention in use.
    • ·      Coach identifies school teaching and learning needs, barriers, and weaknesses by analyzing student data and organizing and implementing problem-solving actions with teachers.
    • ·      Coach facilitates school-based professional development, working with teachers (in teams or individually) to enhance their knowledge and skills. Professional development could include, but not be limited to: in-class coaching, observing, modeling of instructional strategies, guiding teachers in looking at student work, developing lesson plans with teachers based on student needs, supporting data analysis, supporting the integration of technology, co-planning with teachers, etc.
    • ·      Coach monitors instructional effectiveness and student progress using tools and strategies gained through professional development.
    • ·      Coach builds and maintains confidential relationships with teachers.
    • ·      Conversations and interactions that the coach has with teachers must always remain confidential so that a high level of trust is created and maintained between the teacher and the coach. Exceptions to this include imminent physical or psychological danger to the students.

    Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

    • ·      Ability to work well with people, and demonstrate and maintain productive and positive interpersonal skills.
    • ·      Deep content and pedagogical knowledge related to dual language programming/instruction.
    • ·      Knowledge and experience using a variety of assessment tools and analyzing student data.
    • ·      Demonstrated success in communicating effectively with teachers, principals, parents, students, and paraprofessionals.
    • ·      Ability to develop educator capacity, implement practices of collaborative inquiry, and build sustainability.
    • ·      Demonstrated ability to network and connect to resources.
    • ·      Knowledge and experience using a coaching process with other teachers.
    • ·      Ability to work with teachers in a way that improves student learning.
    • ·      Ability to manage multiple projects effectively.
    • ·      Ability to manage time and schedules flexibly and in a way that maximizes teacher learning.
    • ·      Ability to think flexibly and to adapt work to the needs of teachers.
    • ·      Knowledge of the change process and ability to help teachers make sense of change.
    • ·      Ability to work with teams to develop goals for improving student achievement.
    • ·      Demonstrated teacher leadership skills.


    • ·      A valid Minnesota teaching license
    • ·      A minimum of five years successful teaching or coaching experience in a single or dual language immersion environment.
    • ·      Previous successful experience coaching adult learners.
    • ·      Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a part of a team.

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